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Introducing Minnesota Artist Jordan Pesta


Jordan Pesta grew up in Royalton, MN with three Airedales who entertained the family and inspired her as an artist. She is a 2022 graduate of Alexandria College Communication Art & Design, and TCATC was fortunate that she accepted her first commission to create original artwork for the 2023 Floater. Her oil rendering of Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” with Airedales will be sold at the Floater Banquet. Her original Versatile Airedale Series caricatures inspired our TCATC Tumblers that are now for sale online HERE


Jordan said,“ I am an illustrator and love to tell stories through my work. Most pieces are made digitally with apps like Procreate or Adobe Illustrator, but I also work in traditional mediums like watercolor and oil paint. I create for the joy of creating. I want to share the pictures I visualize and the stories I create with the world as much as I can. Each subject has its own abstract way of being viewed,” she said.

Watch time lapse videos of the Airedale Illustrations that Jordan Pesta did for

the Fundraiser Tumblers for sale on the On-Line Store.

Purchase Tumbler's HERE!

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