Regent Wasabi



Airedales are Hunters. In fact, they have been referred
to as the “original and still the only three-in-one gun
dog”. Airedales can be trained to hunt fur like hounds,
hunt water fowl like retrievers, or hunt upland birds
like spaniels. Members of the Twin Cities Airedale
Terrier Club who hunt with their dales experience another
side of these multi-talented dogs, the side the dog
was originally bred for. Because Airedales are so
adaptable, the same dog that performs well in the field
can be a fun loving pet at home.

For information about hunting with Airedales contact
Scott Lichty at 952-881-9285 or email him at

Regent Wasabi (Bob) having fun in the field.
Scott and Bob
Scott and Bob at a Hunt Test.
Hunting Buddies.


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